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Vision Statement

My vision is to restore trust between the residents of Anthony, Texas and the local government;

we can do this by increasing opportunities for communication to ensure that the mayor and town council are aware of the needs of the people.

We will work together to increase tourism, create job opportunities, and to build a stronger local economy.

We will share knowledge and encourage our Youth to be the future leaders of our Town and the world.

Let's work together to achieve success!

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Why Zayan?


Jonathan Zayan joined the United States Army, as an active duty soldier, to help protect American values and to ensure safety for all citizens. He has shown dedication to our country and will show the same dedication to improving our town of Anthony, Texas.

College Graduate

As a graduate of Psychology and Business Administration, Jonathan Zayan has the ability to understand the needs of the people and the analytical skills to ensure results. His focus on research will allow him to analyze all aspects of our town to create effective and viable options that will ensure our success.


Jonathan Zayan has gained experience in networking, working with the media, and creating events through his past business endeavors. His current business venture showcases his talents and willingness to help people by creating a genre of mobile applications that will improve lives.

Promises to our Town

Donate to ensure a better future for Anthony, Texas.


Donations will be used for campaign purposes. Any donations not used by the end of the campaign cycle, will be donated to charity.

Communication leads to community.

Jonathan Zayan would love to hear your opinions and concerns about our beloved town.

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